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One of Himachal's perfect gems, Churwadhar- the mountain with the silver bangle is discreetly hidden in the heart of the Sirmuir Valley, yet only a short drive away from the cities of Northern India. The Jewel Valley Chalets are a place for action , excitement, adventure and relaxation all at once. It is also a place for indulgence and cultural richness. Whatever your persuit or passion, The Jewel Valley Chalets can satisfy your holiday desires.
Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Learn the basics of rock climbing on the flat rock face near the camp. Things you can learn include three point climbing techniques, holds and grips and energy reservoir maintenance and preservation. On the subtle end you will also realise the importance of planning, co-ordination, patience, listening and motivational values for your team-mates. You will also learn the act of rappelling i.e. descending on the rock face you just climbed but no hold or grips just the rope and you and your knees and feet (for a group of Min 8 pax Charges Rs. 150.00 per person)

River Crossing
You also learn the act of river crossing over the base tied across the stream.

Splash Swimming
The presence of two perennial stream around are good opportunities for day picnics around small pools up in the valley hidden from the whatsoever little population that exists in the area.

Fishing and Angling
A small trip to Giri Pul on the Giri River a famous spot for fishing can be very rewarding. Of course your own gear is essential.

Bird Watching
The residents of this area agree that the bird population in the area is a very healthy one. From the Himalayan Magpies to Mainas or even the woodpeckers for the avid bird watcher we suggest you pack your lunch before you move away from the camp for indulging in your favourite past time.
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